Susie Freeman writes:

“In 2002 I was offered a unique collection of razor blades by the writer and publisher Michael Raeburn. He thought they would be of interest as artistic material and hoped I might find ‘some appropriate or inappropriate preservation’ for them. When his father, Walter, died in 1972 it was discovered that he had kept virtually all the razor blades he had used since the late 1920s. Each one was returned to its inner and outer wrapping, marked with a date and sometimes words or a code to indicate how good a shave it had given. To familiarise myself with the collection I knitted a long narrow strip of pockets containing laminated colour reproductions of all the packets in date order from 1927 until 1971.

“In 2011 I finally got around to coiling, pinning and framing the work in a way I felt happy with.”