One for the Road

An artificial hip removed from a patient who had osteoarthritis is shown beside the estimated total number of pills they would have taken in lieu of having a prosthesis fitted.

One for the Road was shown in the context of other works and medical objects as part of Schmerz (Pain) in 2007 at the Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum der Gegenwart – Berlin:

“The exhibition PAIN traces the many expressions of pain: a picture of the crucifixion, the preserved specimen of a gouty hand, a video installation showing mourners, the flickering electric impulses of a nerve cell, a scream. Combining and confronting art works and objects from the realms of medicine, ethnology, religion and everyday usage, this exhibition ventures to make an expedition along the borderlines of art and medicine. It is intended as a laboratory for new visual and contextual impulses from the different spheres of imagery and objects, and is shown simultaneously in the Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum der Gegenwart – Berlin and in the Medizinhistorisches Museum (Museum of the History of Medicine) at the Charité, Berlin’s main hospital”