Silver pill packets

Sonia 2018

Sonia has had the auto-immune condition Lupus for thirty years

Pink pill packets in the shape of a flower

WOWI – What Once Was Imagined 2015

10 metre wide circular installation illustrating medicine in the 21st century

Messages Bag 2014

Miniatures trapped in tiny knitted pockets reflect the abundance of foods; good, bad and beautiful we all navigate daily to choose what’s best for our health.

Lifesaver 2013

Antiretroviral drugs have transformed HIV from a death sentence into a difficult but not usually life limiting chronic disease

Femme Vitale 2013

3 metre high figurative sculpture containing ten years medication for one woman totalling 27,774 pills. Any woman with a waist measurement over 82 centimetres is at increased risk of developing diabetes.

Consulting Room 2011

The 10 minute appointment

A man, facing away, at the end of a corridor

Daglig Dosis – depression 2011

The population of Denmark is 5.5 million. It is estimated that 272,250 antidepressant pills are taken there each day

Contraceptive coil on a red background

First Love 2011

First Love is an exploration of how we think about the moment of conception.

A spiral of razorblade packets

Walter 2011

A shave a day

Last Rites

Last Rites 2011

The Ancient Greeks believed the butterfly was a symbol of the soul. Today we use a butterfly to ease our journey across the threshold between life and death.

A boy on TV, inhaling drugs for cystic fibrosis

Charlie 2011

Asthma is so common it is perceived as a normal medical condition, but a few children who suffer from a persistent cough turn out to have the much rarer genetic condition cystic fibrosis.

Detail of blue fabric containing pill packaging

Tangled up in Blue 2011

One woman’s pill packaging preserved from treatment for depression and anxiety.

A necklace of pills
Wieg tot Graf

Wieg tot Graf 2009

A look at the perception of health in the Netherlands, part of the Niet Normaal exhibition in Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam.

A woman's face half-obscured by pills

Side Effects 2009

Contemporary Dance Company dANTE OR dIE premier Cradle to Grave inspired new work Side Effects at The Place London


Dose 2009

Installation for Holloway Prison


Gretel 2009

A new version of ‘Sweetie’, commissioned by the BBC’s Horizon

Bacteriology Illustrated

Bacteriology Illustrated 2008

Text meets textile in this dress made from a complete medical textbook: over a hundred pages torn into 15,860 pieces.

Agoraphobic’s Handbag

Agoraphobic’s Handbag IV 2008

You must get out more Mrs Jones…

A Cautionary Tale

A Cautionary Tale 2007

Looking good, but staying healthy?

Veil of Tears

Veil of Tears 2007

Malaria is the commonest cause of death amongst under-fives in Kenya; this installation considers the heavy burden borne by parents and children.

White Pain

White Pain 2007

A lifetime of dulling the pain.


A.N.Other 2006

Pharmacopoeia work with inmates at Pentonville Prison, focusing on the themes of life, death, drugs and pharmaceuticals.

The Charnley Collection

Charnley Collection 2006

In honour of John Charnley’s pioneering work in orthopaedics, this commission for Wrightington Hospital connects the viewer with the experience of arthritis.

Table Talk quote: "Nowadays if someone asks me how long have I got..."

Table Talk 2004

HIV affects a whole spectrum of ordinary people, but many of them choose to keep their diagnosis private; Table Talk sets out to tell twelve very personal stories.

Cradle to Grave

Cradle to Grave 2003

This is the centrepiece of the Living and Dying exhibition at the British Museum.


Staffroom 2002

Cigarette butts collected over a week

Miss Essex

Miss Essex 2002

A pharmaceutical snapshot of a troubled young woman.

Joe’s Decks

Joe’s Decks 2002

Every sport has its hazards.

Headache Turban 2001

2,500 paracetamol tablets can cost as little as £25—a stark contrast to Migraine Tiara

Vitamin Necklace

Vitamin Necklace 2001

Candy for the healthy? Self prescribing? Are alternatives effective? Pills bought over the counter from a local chemist.


Resistance 2001

Multi-resistant ‘superbugs’ are an increasing threat.

Migraine Tiara

Migraine Tiara 2000

Just a handful of the most effective migraine medication can cost £45.


Sweetie 2000

Could you tell the difference?

A Packet a Week

A Packet a Week 2000

Question: what difference will smoking make to my pregnancy?

Microgynon Coat

Microgynon Coat 2000

A distinctive kind of contraception

The Pits

The Pits 2000

“From listening to Steve talking about his experience of clinical depression it becomes clear that this is very different from ordinary unhappiness.”

Hear No, See No, Speak No

Hear no, See no, Speak no 2000

Seemingly simple devices, but actual sounds have been heard, sights seen, and words spoken through this grommet, lens and valve.


Leftovers 2000

Every day, thousands of pills are disposed of because they were not needed or not taken by patients.


Diclofenac 2000

Spot the odd one out.

Beekeeper’s Hat

Beekeeper’s Hat 2000

The invisible protection of antibiotics provide a physical barrier against bugs.


Armour 2000

Five years’ worth of protection for Mr Brittain.

Which Ones Have You Taken?

Which Ones Have You Taken? 2000

See anything familiar?


Jubilee 2000

6,279 assorted contraceptive pills—to last until your silver wedding anniversary.

Come Dancing Too

Come Dancing Too 1999

A follow-up to Come Dancing. 5,500 pills or one Lippes Loop coil: 22 years of protection

Under Wraps

Under Wraps 1999

The menstrual narrative, from menarche to menopause.

Raw Materials

Raw Materials 1999

Some of the building blocks of medicine, mainstream and alternative.

Overnight Bag

The Overnight Bag 1999

What you might need for a good night out…

One for the Road

One for the Road 1999

One of the great success stories of medical engineering, an artificial hip joint relieves debilitating chronic pain, and obviates the need for a staggering quantity of pills.

Mr Minckton

Mr. Minckton 1999

A pharmaceutical case-study showing some of the potential for waste in prescribing.

Hip Hip

Hip Hip 1999

Relating directly to patients’ experiences, Hip Hip contrasts arthritis medicine with a real replacement hip used for twenty years.

O.T.C. Veil

O.T.C. Veil 1998

Pills bought over the counter

Come Dancing

Come Dancing 1998

6,500 pills or one Lippes Loop coil: 26 years of contraception.