The Pits

A man staring into space, clasping his hands against his mouth.“We see a lot of people in surgery who are unhappy. One of the difficulties in general practice is deciding which of them have a clinical depression that may benefit from drug treatment as well as talking treatments such as psychotherapy, counselling or other forms of psychological support.

“From listening to Steve talking about his experience of clinical depression it becomes clear that this is very different from ordinary unhappiness.”

Dr Liz Lee

A stream of antidepressants“In responding to Liz Lee’s prompting on the general subject of depression, I immediately thought of my own down-times and how I might be able to relate to this subject as an artist. As ever, the things closest to one’s own experience and readily to hand became the metaphors for this most difficult to pin down illness. Collaboration and feedback from people close to me, and relating to places I know formed the backdrop for the patient / doctor discussion between Steve and Liz which we recorded and you as a viewer can share.”

David Critchley